Winning Business with Secure Wi-Fi

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Is YOUR POS Protected?

Customer loyalty and sales gains are just a few of the benefits that make providing guest Wi-Fi a no-brainer. In fact, a staggering 96% of consumers prefer businesses that offer free Wi-Fi. But for all the convenience that wireless networks afford your guests, failing to properly secure them provides cyber criminals with a convenient vector for attack.

Luckily, WENO Office Solutions has partnered with WatchGuard Technologies to deliver secure guest Wi-Fi solutions that will keep your customers happy and hackers at bay:

  • Comprehensive reports on emerging trends and all traffic passing through your wired and wireless networks.
  • Security. Full UTM protection – in order to fight back against advanced malware, spam, and other types of malicious attacks – and WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) to defend against wireless threats.
  • Wired and wireless management with cloud, web, or Windows-based management software.

Providing guests with Wi-Fi access is a critical piece of any business growth strategy. WENO Office Solutions can help you connect your customers, securely. Contact us at WENO Office Solutions and download the eBook today.


WENO Office has solutions to protect your POS, your business, and ultimately – your reputation. Fill out this form to download the eBook today to learn more.