WENO OFFICE Is Solving Your PCI Problems

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Did you know that 80% of businesses fail their interim PCI compliance assessment? A shockingly high number, considering the penalties range from $5,000 – $10,000 monthly fines, to a terminated relationship with your acquiring bank. Though maintaining compliance can be a challenge, failing to do so yields hefty consequences – the likes of which some companies never recover from.

WENO Office Solutions has partnered with WatchGuard Technologies to deliver the advanced solutions you need to attain PCI Compliance and protect your business.

  • Advanced protection with industry-leading UTM solutions
  • Ease of management to enable proper firewall configuration – a critical step to PCI compliance
  • Actionable visibility into all network activity, including built-in PCI reports

WENO office Solutions and WatchGuard have the security, management, and visibility solutions to solve your PCI problems. Download the eBook today to learn more.


WENO Office has solutions to protect your POS, your business, and ultimately – your reputation. Fill out this form to download the eBook today to learn more.