Office Furniture

Executive Chairs

WENO Office Solutions offer a great selection of Lorell and other great brands of chairs. Having the proper chair for your office space can make all the difference in your day.  We know you want a reliable chair that provides the right combination of support, comfort, and style to that will make your home away from home that much better.


WENO Office Solutions understands all the activities you have during the day, and they all revolve around your desk.  Your desk serves more than one purpose.  It is a place of storage, comfort, and productivity. Check out our wide selection of computer desks, corner desks, executive desks and standing desk while offering plenty of options to help ensure you obtain the right combination of durability, style, and storage.

Meeting Room

WENO Office Solutions understands that meeting rooms come in many different sizes.  From corporate desk allowing for up to 15 employees to sit comfortably around to the small breakroom table that will serve more than a monthly business meeting.  We have solutions to fit your conference room and your budget.


WENO Office offers solutions for just about any room configuration, from group projects to individual exercises, our classroom desks and tables come in a variety of shapes and designs to suit your classroom activity needs.  With high tech options allowing for electricity and networking, to our proven desk for durability. Let our selection allow you to think more about teaching and less about the students.

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