Cleaning Supplies

Bathroom Supplies

WENO Office Solutions knows that no office can operate without proper bathroom supplies and bathroom accessories. Bathroom tissue, bath tissue dispensers, bathroom fixtures and other restroom supplies all help contribute to a functioning and hygienic bathroom. Have us quote you on bathroom supplies and can install dispensers at a great price.

Deep Cleaning Supplies

WENO Office Solutions knows that sometimes you need a deep cleaning.  Let us provide you with the products to get this job done efficiently and quickly.  Buying in bulk and concentrate will save you money and provide products to compete against the toughest grime.  By the way, we can deliver these products at a great price and right to your office or business.

Work Safety Supplies

WENO Office Solutions understands that safety is a must for any business and to be safe you need the right products for the job.  View our full line of OSHA and safety product lines.  From safety glasses, gloves to signs and safety cones we have you covered and they can all be delivered right to your place of business.

Genuine Joe Cleaners®

When you need cleaning supplies you can trust in Genuine Joe Cleaners.  Their superior quality and great price make these cleaners the best solution with you need concentrated solutions and efficient application like spray bottles and buckets we have what you need to make your office shine with a good cleaning.

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