Is your POS Safe?

Is YOUR POS Protected?

Point-of-sale malware has continued to thrive in recent years, leaving a trail of victimized retailers in its wake. Hackers are vendor-neutral – whether you’re an SMB or a distributed enterprise – they have their sights on the data in your POS, not the size of your storefront.

Luckily, WENO Office Solutions has partnered with WatchGuard Technologies to protect your business from the destructive backlash of a data breach.

  • Visibility into all activity and potential threats across your POS environment
  • Segmentation of your POS environment from the corporate LAN
  • Advanced protection of sensitive customer data with industry-leading technology.


WENO Office has solutions to protect your POS, your business, and ultimately – your reputation. Fill out this form to download the eBook today to learn more.